The Supreme Leader is dead.

His successor has a diabolical plan for Iran to rule the Middle East using a secret connection to the Nazis.

Only one man can stop him.


About Matt

Matt has a bachelor's degree from Hampden-Sydney College, a liberal arts institution in Virginia, where he majored in history and political science. He had the honor of studying under former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, General Sam Wilson. After moving from the Hampton Roads area in 2006, Matt now lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife and their golden retriever, Clarence. His debut novel, Surviving the Lion's Den, the first of a three-book planned series, was released in October 2021. The sequel, The Iranian Deception, will be released in June 2022. The final installment, The Ayatollah Takedown, will be released in 2023.


About The Iranian Deception

The Supreme Leader of Iran is dead. Within three hours, the Assembly of Experts names his replacement. Will he bring change to Iran’s relationship with the west or be their next nightmare? As the world waits, the new Supreme Leader plans to lift the economic sanctions against Iran once and for all.

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Only the Trusted Survive.


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EDIFICE OF THE SUN AT GOLESTAN PALACE In the beginning of the novel, the crowds in Tehran are celebrating the appointment of their new Ayatollah, Marzban Shir-Del, who stands on the balcony of Golestan Palace with President Avesta and Major General Lajani. During the years of the last Shah of Iran, the Palace was used was for formal receptions, but during the course of…

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