The Iranian Deception

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Published by: Speaking Volumes
Release Date: June 13, 2022
Pages: 312
ISBN13: 978-1645407324


The Supreme Leader of Iran is dead. Within three hours, the Assembly of Experts names his replacement. Will he bring change to Iran’s relationship with the west or be their next nightmare? As the world waits, the new Supreme Leader plans to lift the economic sanctions against Iran once and for all.

After the U.S. embassy in Islamabad becomes the victim of a terrorist attack, CIA operative Ben Thrasher learns that the terrorist responsible has connection to a previous attack in India. When bombs go off at U.S. global service centers across India, he meets with his rival from India’s Intelligence Bureau, Kedar Dhoni. The two agents must work together to discover the forces at hand before Iran initiates a plan to rule the Middle East using a secret connection to the Nazis.

Meanwhile in the United States, former operative Tom Delang is working on a film deal regarding his escape from Iran when he is run off the road by an unknown assassin. After miraculously surviving, Delang enlists Kirk Kurruthers to help him determine if the attempt on his life is part of a plot to boost interest in the movie or if an old foe is out for revenge.

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Behind the scenes
, The Iranian Deception



4:44 AM

Beth Jenkins was jolted from a deep, much needed sleep by the loud ring of her phone. As she spun around the clock on her nightstand, she winced at the intense glow of the lime-colored numbers. She once believed in the concept of numerology. In this case, the repetition of numbers would indicate good luck about to manifest into one’s life. Considering that it was the middle of the night and that she was the new head of the Iranian Affairs desk for the CIA in Pakistan, Jenkins doubted that this interruption would generate any good fortune. She grabbed her phone, flopped back on the bed and braced herself for whatever was waiting. The voice on the other end didn’t even wait for her to speak.

“He’s dead.”

Recognizing the voice, her eyes popped open, and she sat up. She had met Farhad Khorsandi a year ago when he was an unknown Iranian who helped rescue Tom Delang, a fellow agent and her colleague, from Iranian custody. After Delang’s escape, she had debriefed Farhad and was struck by the twenty-six-year-old’s display of courage during the unorthodox events that enabled Delang’s escape. She also appreciated Farhad’s enthusiasm for helping the American cause in Iran. He was everything a CIA agent would want in a source––loyal, motivated, and plugged into the country’s inner workings. Farhad had agreed to go back into Iran and stay in touch. In a country where such sources are in short supply for the CIA, the kid was a godsend.

Except Farhad had recently thrown a bit of tantrum. As someone used to sneaking in and out of the country to smuggle illegal goods, he naively thought he could do the same and operate his business freely, as long as stayed below the radar. But Farhad was already a marked man by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Before his execution style death outside the embassy where Delang had been rescued, IRGC captain Azam Aslani had made sure that Farhad’s name was fed into the group’s database as a traitor to be apprehended on site. This meant that “The Pirate of Iran,” as Farhad had come to be known, was forced to keep a lower profile than usual. Given Farhad’s naturally extroverted personality, this expectation was unacceptable. He had spent the last two months brooding over his new situation and had cut off all contact with Jenkins.

“When did he die?” Jenkins asked.

“Three hours ago.”

“Okay, I’ll contact the Deputy Director’s office and let him know. Who do you think his successor will be?”

“That’s why I called. They’ve named his replacement.”

“Wait. He died three hours ago, and his successor has already been voted in?”

“Yes. The Assembly of Experts knew who they wanted.”

Jenkins thought about making a wiseass comment about wishing the U.S. Congress worked as fast as the leaders in Iran but held her tongue.

“Who is it?”

“You’re not going to like it.”

As Farhad revealed who had been anointed as the new Supreme Leader of Iran, Beth Jenkins felt the pressure tightening in her temples. It was time to get moving. Today was going to be the first of many long days ahead.