Matt Scott is the author of the SURVIVING THE LION’S DEN thriller trilogy which debuted in 2021. Once believed himself to be too late in the game to be a thriller writer, an encounter with David Baldacci at a book-signing back in 2018 changed all that.

At the time, Matt would be turning forty-years-old later that year and asked David Baldacci if that age was too old to write his first novel. David stopped mid-signature, looked up at Matt and said, “Oh, hell no. The industry could use some good young writers.” Upon hearing those words, Matt started the first draft of Surviving the Lion’s Den later that same day.

Matt earned his bachelor’s degree in political science and history from Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, where he had the honor of studying under former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), General Sam Wilson, who was the college’s president and initially introduced Matt to the world of espionage. During his subsequent studies, Matt became fascinated by the CIA and read dozens of non-fiction books related to Middle East politics, spy craft, the CIA’s war against terrorism, tales of clandestine spies and double agents, and memoirs of former agency directors.

Matt’s latest action-packed political thriller is the forthcoming THE AYATOLLAH TAKEDOWN (pub. 3/21/23 Speaking Volumes). His two previous novels in the series include SURVIVING THE LION’S DEN (2021) and THE IRANIAN DECEPTION (2022).

“Vince Flynn and Brad Thor kept me interested in the political spy genre, but I always wanted to do a story about Iran because so few westerners know what it looks like on the inside. When I saw the way The DaVinci Code took readers across a tour of Europe where they learned about the locations as they were involved in the storyline, I knew that I wanted to do something similar with Iran.”

Matt grew up in Portsmouth, Virginia, and currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife Amanda. When he’s not writing, Matt works as a professional financial analyst and amateur golden retriever wrangler.